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MemoryBoost ProMemoryBoost Pro helps your machine run faster, and more reliably, by recovering unused memory (or RAM). As your computer runs, programs slowly consume memory (even after they've been closed). When your computer begins to run out of memory, the system must work very hard to find more; all your programs slow down, and your system as a whole may become unstable. MemoryBoost Pro runs silently from your system tray, watching your computer's memory use. If memory becomes low, it quickly frees up some. MemoryBoost Pro defragments your memory, further enhancing performance. And its SmartCPU feature keeps MemoryBoost Pro from working while you're working; you won't even notice that it's there. Advanced features allow you to set desired and required levels of memory which MemoryBoost Pro will maintain. Using MemoryBoost Pro, your computer will remain stable longer and your programs will run faster. [Order MemoryBoost Pro now | Download a free trial]