Best Free Twitter Software Client

If you use Twitter daily, you might realize that using the Web interface isn't giving you the best access to Twitter. In the sea of solutions for Twitter, it can be hard to sort out which Twitter software is the best solution for what you need. Here are some that we find to be the best on your desktop.

TweetDeck is the clear leader in this category with regular software updates. You can post Tweets from the interface and send Facebook status updates too. The key thing that make TweetDeck a winner is its ability to neatly organize information you may need. In addition to the basics of being able to watch everyone you follow on Twitter, the replies people send you, and the direct messages you receive, you can also filter Twitter into more meaningful information.

One of the best filtering solutions in TweetDeck is the ability to divide the people you follow on Twitter into groups. For instance, if you are a lawyer practicing patent law and you wanted to be able to watch a segment of people you follow who are also patent lawyers, you could create a group that only contained the patent lawyers you follow. Another group might be only members of your company softball team you follow.

A second way to filter information on Twitter using TweetDeck is by creating saved searches. Two ways I use this feature is for information gathering and for entertainment. I'm a fan of the Seattle Mariners baseball team, so I have a search that watches for each time someone mentions the Mariners on Twitter. I also have a search created to watch for each time someone talks about my home city. A third kind of search I set up is for when people talk about key phrases that are important to my business.

TweetDeck takes this a step further allowing you to create a free account you can then use to keep all those custom groups and searches in sync if you use more than one computer, so you don't have to recreate your groups on every computer in your home or office.

Seesmic Desktop is another great Twitter software solution. It features many of the same kinds of things found in TweetDeck, like creating user lists, posting to both Twitter and Facebook, and tracking search terms. One key differentiation is that Seesmic Desktop supports mutliple Twitter accounts in the same interface, so if you have a work Twitter account and a personal Twitter account you can sign in to both from Seesmic Desktop.


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