iThoughtHD iPad Mind Map App

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iPad iThoughtsHD app If you want to create mind maps with your iPad, iThoughtsHD is the only app worth looking at right now. Support for most majord desktop mind map formats is built in, along with the ability to access mind maps via Dropbox, so you can take advantage of easy sharing from your laptop or desktop computer. The mind map canvas supports over 600 iPad screens in size, allowing you to map an entire universe of data. Colors, shapes, and icons allow you to easily categorize your data to easily follow workflow. iThoughts autosaves every 10 minutes. For external presentation, iThoughtsHD supports the iPad VGA adapter. Auto-inserting text with TextExpander allows to quickly add frequently used text phrases and URLs via short codes. All in, iThoughtsHD is a a very complete mind map app for the iPad.

iTap RDP Client The iPad may be the most useful information consumption device to come along in ages, but there are still times when you may need to access something you left on your computer back at the office. When you need to access information remotely, look no further than iTap RDP to make a Windows Remote Desktop Connection from your iPad. It is the only RDP app with support for FIPS 140-bit encryption and the Windows 7 standard Network Level Authentication. iTap automatically adjusts the connection based on whether you are using WiFi or the iPad 3G data plan, to help make the remote desktop connection as fast as possible. There are free competitors to iTap RDP, but none of them support more than 40-bit encryption, which is less secure than logging into your bank website.

Photogene iPad Photo Editor

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Photogene A photo editor seems like a required feature for a device like the iPad, instead Apple left it to the App Store to build a solution for the iPad. Photogene was a great solution for the iPhone and is even better on the iPad. With all the basics like crop, resize, red eye removal, saturation, exposure, levels, color pickers, and framing, Photogene is like having a fully featured iPhoto for your iPad. To up the fun factor, there's also a comic text ballons feature. Output photo editing to e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or your iPad photo library for sharing to your favorite audience. As a long time Photoshop user, this photo editing app has most of the features you could ever want in an on-the-go photo editor.

BlogPress iPad Blog Editor

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BlogPress If you're looking to post to your blog from your iPad, there are two routes you can go. Log in to the blog from Safari on your iPad or use a blog editing app. BlogPress aims to be that blog editing app, offering support for most major blog platforms, including Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Live Spaces, Drupal, and Joomla. While WordPress offers a competing app for its platform, BlogPress is focused on developing out features for all your iPad blogging needs. You can include multiple pictures in posts, adjust image size and orientation, add multiple categories, and store multiple drafts of posts right on your iPad. The app is $2.99 and also available for iPhone.

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