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Mindful is an event reminder, password manager, random password generator, calender and countdown timer. Just about anything you may need to remember can be stored in this Windows program.

The event reminder keeps track of one time events as well as reoccurring events and is configured to recognize more than 70 American and Canadian holidays. If you tell Mindful when your friends and family were born, it can tell you which birthday is coming up. You can even have it remind you what gift you got them last year and what address to send cards and gifts to.

The password manager securely stores all of your login information for online accounts and for password-protected applications. The random password generator lets you build complex passwords that are difficult for outsiders to guess. The combination of these two keeps you from having the same password for multiple sites and lets you log on with just a few clicks, quickly, easily, and securely.

Whether for keeping track of business meetings, kid's activities, or for ID security, Mindful has what you need.

Download Mindful. [Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/$12.99]

DeskLook for Microsoft's Outlook connects directly with your Outlook, reads tasks and appointments you have in the calendar, counts unread messages in selected folders and shows everything on an interactive desktop.

DeskLook reads and displays data from Outlook according to settings you have for Outlook Today. There you have options to set how many days in the future you want to have displayed in the Calendar section, choose what kind of tasks to display and how you want them sorted and select folders to display in the Messages section.

You can personalize your desktop by choosing between two data views, central view and side bar view. You can even customize the size and components of the side bar style, but sadly, not the central one. Both views are available in three different colors: exciting blue, green and brown, and you can adjust the transparency as well. Fun!

So if you are one of the 12 people who actually use Outlook, get excited! This is probably pretty awesome for you!

Download DeskLook. [Windows XP/Vista/Microsoft Outlook XP/2003/2007 $24.90]