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In celebration of the one year anniversary of Pizza Morgana, you can get Episode One for $1.00 this Halloween season to the first 100 downloads. Everyone else gets 50% off before October 31, 2010. Graphics are dramatically improved over the original launch using what designer Corbomite Games calls 2.5D (or not quite 3D). This Director's Cut edition of Pizza Morgana Episode One - Monsters and Manipulations in the Magical Forest features the voices of Mia Alon as Jackie, Claudia Christian as Abbie Positive, and Robin Atkin Downes as the Watcher. You may recognize a couple of those names from Babylon 5.

Defender of the Crown is a game full of cunning and strength as you contest for the crown against 5 Lords. Build your own army full of knights and archers. Raid and pillage, save princesses, and lay siege with catapults and Greek Fire! If your play your cards right, you can win the British Crown!
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The animals for the Bobland Bay Zoo have arrived, but the zoo hasn't been built yet! Bob and the Can Do crew need your help to get the zoo built. Earn stickers by completing certain tasks and use those stickers to make your own scenes in the bonus sticker book mode. Fun and educational for children!

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The Wizard's Pen will take you on a magic adventure to find the missing Wizard. The only clue you have to his whereabouts is his workbook. But the pages are all blank! You must use the Wizard's magic pen to uncover the images on each page. Find the hidden objects, unlock secret games and earn potions on your mystical journey to find the Wizard.

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Get your overalls on and head back to the farm for the new Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party. You start on a small farm growing grass and feeding chickens, but soon you'll be buying new buildings, upgrading your vehicles and even fending off those crazy bears! All for the manufacturing of pizza that soon, the world will enjoy.

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Jojo Cruz was the hottest name in fashion 20 years ago. Now, with her daughter Rosalind, she's out to prove to the world that she still has what it takes. Join Jojo as she puts on fashion shows in the hottest cities in the world. You will be mixing and matching tops, bottoms, shoes and gowns into stylish outfits to help Jojo keep her nickname, Mistress of Mix.

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Think you can play with the Superstars of Poker? Poker Superstars 2 has a 'first of its kind' AI system that has learned to win by playing millions of simulated tournaments. You're going to need to bring your best game to beat the 15 best players, each with interactive photos. Upload your own photo and join the ranks of the Superstars.

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Take charge of 8 busy airports in this cute time management game. Land the planes, load them up with passengers or cargo, keep them in good repair and buy upgrades to keep everything running smoothly and on time. Pack your bags for a challenging and fun trip in the skies.

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When Mortimer Beckett discovers a time portal in his Uncle Jerome's house, he sets out to help. Then he learns that the Time Bomb that Jerome built to close the portal is scattered across eight different eras! Help Mortimer as he travels through time to find the scattered pieces of the Time Bomb, put it back together and close the portal before it's too late!

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Wendy's Wellness is a time management game by Sugar Games that puts you in charge of your own chain of wellness centers. You play as Wendy, who, with the help of her uncle, starts her own chain of wellness centers in a bustling city. You must be quick to serve, or at least appease, a variety of customers and their different needs to get the best tips. Further along in the game you can hire assistants and better equipment that lets you serve customers faster and more efficiently.

Fun for any age group, Wendy's Wellness has 10 centers, 50 levels, and mini games to help you make extra money.

Download Wendy's Wellness. [Windows 98/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Mac OS X 10.3 or better/$19.95]

Holly 2 - Magic Land, the sequel to Holly - A Christmas Tale, is a "Hidden Objects" game that takes you on a magical journey through the Land of Childhood.

When Holly discovers that her young daughter has disappeared, Holly finds herself on another adventure with the help of her friend the garden elf. Help Holly find her daughter in this fairy tale land by going through the 49 levels and finding over 3,500 objects. There are also mini games and puzzles and a cast of charming characters to meet along the way. The game also features dozens of hand drawn scenes.

Holly 2 - Magic Land has a free one hour trial before you decide to buy and download the entire game. [$19.95]

Alawar Entertainment introduces Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom, the second in a soon to be series of games featuring teenage detective Natalie Brooks.

After the success of the first game, Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House, Alawar has improved upon it and has made the plot more thrilling, the gameplay more exciting and the puzzles more challenging. In addition, the quest is nearly twice as long as the first, with 7 chapters of gameplay and includes several mini-games. You have an unlimited amount of game time to help Natalie save her grandfather, a renowned archaeologist, from kidnappers holding him ransom for an ancient treasure map. Find the map, solve the mystery of a terrible curse and unmask the truth behind a legendary ghost train!

The game comes with complete customer support and free upgrades to new versions.

Download Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom. [$19.95]

The Mac version of City of Heroes is now in Open Beta. Nevermind that PC users have had 4 years of this glorious fun and that the 13th issue has just been released for PC, we're glad the Mac guys have finally joined.

Even though they are a bit behind, they do, however get some neat free-be's:

-Mission Teleporter Power - Players can save time and get right into the action by teleporting directly to their active mission.

-Exclusive Valkyrie Costume set - Costume pieces include two varieties of wings, a cape, a skirt/kilt, pants, boots, shoulders, chest, gloves, belts, and helmet with multiple details.

Join the City of Heroes open Beta. The full version of City of Heroes for Mac, is scheduled to come out January 2009. [Mac OS X 10.5.3 Leopard or higher $19.99]