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Paint Shop Pro by Corel Corporation

2009 SIC People's ChoicePaint Shop Pro kind of fell off my radar when it went from being developed by JASC to being part of the software acquiring Corel Corporation. It's always been a solid independent contender against the Adobe Photoshop empire, with the advantage of also supporting Photoshop plug-ins. From the image editing basics, to custom masking and image enhancements, there is very little you can't accomplish using Paint Shop Pro. The interface is fairly intuitive, eliminating some of the poking around to figure out how stuff works I have found in many of the free image editing solutions. If you're into High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, PSP is among the easiest tools I've seen for building HDR images. One of the strongest features of the X2 Ultimate version is it's background removal, which allows you to creatively replace the background on almost any image. [Windows XP/Vista $79.00 or $99.00]

Snagit is a pretty awesome tool that lets you capture anything on your computer screen from the entire window, to just a small picture, then lets you edit and share it easily.

New to version 9.1:

-A mini tool bar that keeps your most used editing features right up front.
-You can see a live preview of editing options before you commit to them.
-You can capture as much as you like before editing. The captures stay open and visible in the capture tray.
-Snagit automatically stores all of your captures for you so there's no worry. You can also label them to make them even easier to find.

Snagit 9.1 is available to download for a free trial or you can go ahead and buy it.

[Windows 2000/XP/Vista $49.95]

WinJPG, by T Studio, is excellent for anyone who likes to take pictures and wants them to look their best without having to spend hours going through them one by one adjusting here, sharpening there.

Most of us aren't professional photographers, so sometimes the lighting isn't great, things come out blurry, or the color is washed out. WinJPG fixes all of these problems without you having to open up some program to do it. WinJPG allows you to easily apply the necessary corrections to any number of images. It uses "sophisticated algorithms" (read: Magic) to improve the color balance, sharpness, can scale images down, and even watermark them with the time and date when they were taken.

WinJPG is available to download for a free 30 day trail before you buy it! [Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista $49.95]