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Emurasoft, Inc. has just released EmEditor Professional Version 8, a full-featured text editor for Windows Vista/XP/2000/Server 2008/Server 2003.

Unlike other text editors that are cluttered with useless features, EmEditor starts out with a basic core feature set that you can build upon by adding the features you desire as plug-ins. Some new features available include the Large File Controller, Vertical Selection Editing, Binary Editing and Grab Text. EmEditor automatically includes some basic plug-ins, such as: Search, Snippits, Web Preview, Word Complete, and Word Count. Using only the basic plug-ins, without any of the additional plug-ins, EmEditor performs efficiently, as a small program that opens files up to 248 GB with only a little memory. Also, EmEditor allows you to create powerful macros that can do anything you want within EmEditor. And, as a Unicode application, EmEditor supports Unicode, even outside of the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP). With its powerful plug-ins and features, EmEditor increases productivity.

EmEditor Professional Version 8 may be ordered online. [Windows Vista/XP/2000 $39.99]

Bartels Media GmbH has recently announced the launch of PhraseExpress v6, the newest version of the speed typing software that now lets you auto text in all Windows programs, including the internet and instant messenger programs.

The autotext function automatically lengthens shortcuts like ASAP to their original meaning, "as soon as possible." Unless of course you don't want it to. PhraseExpress analyzes and learns your writing patterns and offers phrase and sentence completion, thus allowing an individualized product instead of annoying one size fits all dictionaries that only try to complete single words and gets them wrong anyway. To speed up the learning process, PhraseExpress can scan your Outlook emails to instantly adapt to your writing style. It's almost scary. Almost.

New and specific to version 6:

Support for text formatted phrases including bitmaps (RTF and HTML which is great for rich email signatures)

PhraseExpress now runs directly from USB memory devices without the need of any program installation.

Autotexts can be restricted to certain programs.

SmartSearch allows searching for any highlighted text from any program in Wikipedia, Google Maps, Ebay, Youtube, etc.

PhraseExpress v6 is perfect for those of you who are constantly instant messaging, or replying to a lot of emails that require the same phrases. PhraseExpress is free to download for personal use and available to buy for commercial use. [Windows 2000/XP/Vista $49.95]